Staircase And Gate – Beautify Your Home

Staircase And Gate – Beautify Your Home

Many opinions say that the spiral staircase is a work of architectural art that has been legendary. This is because the design of the spiral staircase has been used on ancient buildings and churches for thousands of years ago.

And construction of a spiral staircase is a masterpiece of the most difficult to imitate and has its own trademark. This ladder is often used as an emergency fire stairs in apartments or other public facilities.

Many types of spiral stairs on the market, starting from the classic models made of wood with carved designs, up to a minimalist model with a pole made from iron. You should choose to suit home decor for people living in Arizona, United States, usually they have a house with a narrow space, making its existence is only used in accordance with function and no aesthetic value.

With limited space, Arizona spiral stair case could be a solution to connect the upper and lower room. According to fengshui, the spiral gate has a meaning depending on how many staircase you have. It can be a very comfortable place or it can be a very annoying place.

Iron Gate

Gate or a fort of house building, slowly turning the meaning of its original function. Not only seen as part of the house, but also serves as the home defense. Furthermore, the gate can also be a symbol of social status of a homeowner.

A gate house that fancy or pretentious can reflect the elitism of the owner. Sociologically, grandeur of a selection gate of the house is a symbol that signifies that not everyone could fit into it. This is related to a person’s privacy or security factors. Consequently, it needs a gate that completely safe.

A safe gate is the Iron Gate. If you are in urban environment, vulnerable to crime and this definitely a higher level of security, especially if there are no security guards. The meaning of the gate house is not related to that only. A gate house can also become a symbol of artistic expression and ideas of the owner.

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