Redefining Style With Womens Dresses

Redefining Style With Womens Dresses

Fashion is a term that refers to the currently popular style or trend especially in clothing. It is a multi-billion dollar industry. At the core of this industry is clothing. There are hundreds of fashion magazines in UK alone that chronicle the current trends in clothes. The main segment in clothes is womens dresses.

With an increasing number of women seeking employment opportunities, their disposable incomes have gone up and their awareness of the world around them has increased. Pop culture influences them. Celebrity fashions sway them. Women have started expressing themselves through fashion, like they earlier did with art and writing.

The reason womens dresses are so popular with almost all designers is because of the wide choices they have to work with. Every occasion needs a particular type of dress. The little black dress is now a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe. This little black dress has so many variations to work with different body types and sensibilities. The Wedding Dress Industry is one of the biggest. Some designers are synonymous with Wedding dresses across the world, like Vera Wang.

When Kate Middleton wore a bandage dress by Reiss to meet Michelle Obama, the dress became so popular that the Reiss website crashed unable to handle the demand for that very dress. What Kate Winslet wore at the Oscars merited the same amount of discussion as the role she won the Oscar for. The question any actress has to answer on the Red Carpet at any award ceremony is, “Who are you wearing?” Every designer fights to get a top actor to wear his creation and every actor plans well in advance to wear a creation by a top label. It is a symbiotic relationship.

Sundress, prom dress, floral dress, Maxi dress, maternity wear, designer wear, casual dresses, and formal wear – each one of these has spawned a mini-industry. Some women are willing to spend even a thousand pounds for a Christian Dior dress. But, the majority of women do not see the merit of spending hundreds of pounds on a dress they might wear only a few times. They prefer to spend on accessories they can use with many dresses.

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