Monster List of Best Horror Books And Films of All Times

Monster List of Best Horror Books And Films of All Times

Film, books, paintings, sculpture, and music – in fact all art forms have huge influence on our lives. Good film, books, music etc all have the power to transport us to a different world where we can escape from the tensions and stress of daily life.

It is a world where we may relax and enjoy ourselves free from all sorts of worries. Film Books can be of various genres of which an extremely popular genre remains that of horror stories.  In this article we will try to look at some of the best horror books and films of all times.

Greatest 3 horror films of all times are:

The Shinning : It is one film that can make you shiver in fright and bring to your notice the darker side of human psyche. It is nothing supernatural or mystical that threatens us, rather evil can be found within our own hearts.

The Exorcist : This is the cult favourite of 1970s that had people run out of theaters in fright. The gore, the scary spirit and exorcism rites make it a top favourite even now.

Rosemary’s Baby : This movie by Roman Polanski remain one of the scariest horror films of all times.

The top three horror books of all times:

Stephen king’s Pet Sematary remains an all time favorite with readers. Among all other horror books this story renders a paralyzing situation where a dead pet dog takes to demonic incarnation and comes out of its grave at the dead of the night.

Another very frightening among all horror books is the Amityville Horror by Jay Anson. This book encapsules the real life slaying of the De Feo family.

The Bell Witch: An American Haunting by Brent Monahan is another time surviving horror book which accounts how a spirit brought about the unnatural death of a person.

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