How To Explore Vietnam and Mui Ne Beach

How To Explore Vietnam and Mui Ne Beach

A great way to explore Vietnam is to stay at any of the Mui Ne beach resorts along the North East part of Phan Thiet, Vietnamn. Mui Ne can be reached after you drive over the slopes of a hill where Cham Tower is located. You decent on the sandy crescent bay of Mui Ne Bay.

The city used to be uninhabited except for a few fishing families until 15 years ago when it started to develop to become one of the most popular beach resort areas in explore Vietnam. Today, Mui Ne is comprised of a 15 kilometre long strip of beach resorts.

If you want to stay in a resort surrounded by white sandy beaches, it will be best to call ahead for a reservation. You can also find inland resorts that are less expensive but are just as comfortable. Some resorts are mixed in with local residences away from the main tourist center of the beach.

The only disadvantage to staying inland is the occasional conflict it may present when you need to pass through one of the beachfront resorts to get further inland or into the beach area. Resort owners tend to guard their lounge chairs too and you may not be able to use some that are right on the beach if they belong to beach front Mui Ne beach resorts.

Before checking into an inland resort inquires about getting access to the shore from their staff. Find out which beachfront resorts are friendlier to other tourists who are not checked in with them. You can also gain access to the beach by having some drinks or meals at beachfront resorts to be able to get access to the shore.

You can explore Vietnam and Mui Ne by bus, train or taxi. To be able to drive in Vietnam, you will need to have a Vietnamese driver’s license, even if you only plan to take a motorbike. Ask the resort you have reservations with about transportation to their resort from the city.

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