Getting To The Point – Savings

Getting To The Point – Savings

Some Fun and Simple Ways to Enjoy Summer Without Spending So Much

People consider summer as the most expensive season of the year. This is because we usually experience during summer expenses that sometimes we do not expect or even budgeted. Summer is the time when our children are more at home since school is done, and so we have to get them into activities to fill up their time, make our homes comfortable for them, and you will note that there will be more frequent household chores like washing to do, and these will all boil to expenses and money to spend.

But for all you know, you can consider summer as a season to practice saving some costs and become thrifty. And so, we are giving you the following ideas that can save you money during summer and still enjoy the season.

Parents know that kids have fun in an amusement park, but you will spend a lot with the admission tickets. We suggest therefore that you go to your local community park, and get free fun by having a picnic there, play some baseball catch or soccer, and at the same time you do not have to pay for any ticket at all.

You can be cool during summer without spending so much on your electricity, and this you can do by changing the filter of your air con and getting a programmable thermostat.

Avoid spending money on your air conditioning and allowing cool air to just flow out because you have leaks in your doors and windows, thus, it is advisable that you conduct weather stripping to fill up those gaps.

Kids plus the hot season of summer that makes everybody change more often would mean constant washing. And so, it would be wise to save energy by buying a washer and dryer that is economical and energy efficient.

Nothing beats the whole family going on a vacation somewhere you wish to go, but the big problem is you will spend a lot of money in this activity with everybody on board. And so to keep your costs down this summer, we suggest a family that goes camping, explore your surroundings, have fun setting up the tents with the kids, make a bonfire and sing around it, and so on.

We cannot imagine not ever going out to eat for this is one luxury that we cannot miss out forever. So in lieu of frequent eating out, why not everybody take turns in cooking at home and in the process save some money. Spice up your cooking by assigning a food theme on some nights like an Italian dinner, or Mexican dinner night, and maybe do some barbeque cooking at your backyard.

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